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Established in 1958, Thai Zhen Machinery Co., Ltd. has a long history in producing tobacco machinery. At the early stage of the establishment of the factory, we were one of the main component supporting processing plants of the state-owned tobacco machine manufacturing company. According to national policies, we have become a private enterprise under shareholding reform with the development of social needs.
We have a team of senior engineers and professional technicians with many years of technical experience to provide one-stop solutions for equipment design, assembly, debugging...


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18 2021-01
What is HNB?
1、 What is HNB? HNB is a direction of electronic cigarettes, characterized by non combustion when heated.In the future, atomized electronic cigarettes will jointly replace trillions of traditional tobacco malls.Currently, domestic HNBs cannot be legally sold, but HNB electronic cigarettes will be piloted (expected in the second half of 20 years), and the China Tobacco HNB circuit will usher in a 0-1 investment opportunity.The pilot and policy of HNB is an important and key work for the track to...
18 2021-01
What needs does heating non burning cigarettes han
According to the existing varieties of new tobacco products in the market, they can be mainly divided into three categories:Electronic cigarettes, heated non combustible cigarettes, and smokeless tobacco products. Among them, the first two types of products produce smoke during the suction process, and are often classified as atomized products. In recent years, with the promotion of consumption and the enhancement of people's health awareness, new tobacco products have received widespread atten...
18 2021-01
Three different heating characteristics of a heate
1. Center heatingHigh heat utilization rate and good thermal insulation effect2. Annular heatingLarge heating area and high heat transfer efficiency3. Composite heatingWith relatively uniform heating effect and high heat transfer area, it can effectively reduce the heating temperature, improve the thermal insulation performance and endurance of the cigarette set...
18 2021-01
Who are the consumer groups of heated non combusti
Analyze the consumer groups of heated non combustible tobacco (HNB):1. Old smokers who have a need to quit smoking. This type of smoker generally smokes for a longer period of time, but cannot quit smoking if they want to. They can only reduce their smoking volume by smoking less or changing to thin cigarettes, while maintaining their habits and reducing the harm.2. Young consumer groups. Young people pursue individuality, like to be different, and are willing to try new things. Moreover, they h...
18 2021-01
What are the advantages of heating non combustible
Due to the two major development prospects of electronic cigarettes and heated non combustion electronic cigarettes at this stage, the field of heated non combustion is booming. At the same time, there are also persistent alcohols that can reduce the physical and mental health of heating non combustible products or reduce the harm to smoke, such as its harm, but it also has its own characteristics. What are the advantages of heating non combustible electronic cigarettes? Let's take a look toget...
18 2021-01
What is the difference between heated non combusti
Currently, heated non combustible smoke bombs are divided into two categories: containing tobacco and non containing tobacco.The same thing about cigarette bombs containing tobacco as traditional tobacco is that both use real tobacco, which can provide the nicotine, smoke taste, and throat sensation needed by smokers;The difference between non tobacco containing cigarette bombs and traditional tobacco is that through multiple processing techniques, the smoke emitting section of the cigarette bom...
18 2021-01
What is the difference between heated non burning
1. Heating non burning electronic cigarettes: Heating non burning tobacco products to heat "regenerated tobacco leaves" in a low temperature environment, producing the taste of cigarettes while achieving harm reduction effects. No need to burn, not only effectively reducing the harm of smoking to smokers themselves, but also very effectively reducing the harm of second-hand smoke. No open flame and smokeless ash also increases its flexibility and application scenarios.(1) Heating non burning cig...
18 2021-01
Is it the same as using tobacco when heating witho
Is it the same as using tobacco when heating without burning?Answer: It's different.Heating without burning is different from cigarettes. Heating non combustion is typically the use of electronic control systems to heat tobacco within a specific temperature range without burning tobacco. Therefore, users inhale tobacco vapor rather than smoke.Cigarettes burn tobacco at temperatures above 600 ° C. When smokers smoke, the burning temperature will exceed 800 ° C. During this process, smoke...